Updated Used Leica Equipment for Sale – March 29th 2020

Current Updates:

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Here’s a list of our current used Leica equipment for sale. Our current used inventory is always available on Bergen County Camera’s used equipment page. If you would like to receive our full list weekly you can sign up here. If you are looking for something, just let us know, and we’ll let you know when we find it for you. We can be reached at 201-473-2050. As a full Leica Boutique we have great resources to help with anything Leica. 


Updated March 29th 2020

 412999   Leica 10-15×50 Duovid case E+  1,199.99 
 429958   LEICA 18/2.8 ELMARIT TL E+  899.99 
 429953   LEICA 21/24/28 VF BLK,CS MINT  250.00 
 429927   LEICA CL BODY,BX,BAT,CHG MINT  1,995.00 
 402170   Leica D-Lux 4 Safari LE LNIB  499.99 
 429997   LEICA DLUX T109,BX,BAT,CHG EX  699.99 
 399368   Leica EVF1 f/D-Lux 5/6 Exc+  149.99 
 417767   Leica EVF-2 X1/X2 M240/m246 E+  299.99 
 417655   Leica M 16-18-21 WATE +Fndr E+  3,495.00 
 429926   LEICA M 16-18-21/4 HD E+  3,495.00 
 429945   LEICA M 24/3.8 ASPH BX,HD MINT  1,795.00 
 429925   LEICA M 28-35-50(E55) E+  2,995.00 
 429922   Leica M 35/1.4 Asph FLE Bx Ex+  4,995.00 
 412140   Leica M 35/2 Bugeye Hazy AsIs  1,749.99 
 429974   LEICA M 352.8/BUG EYES EX  699.99 
 427181   Leica M 50/2.5 S’rit Blk Exc+  849.99 
 392260   Leica M 50/2.5 S’rit Blk Mint  999.99 
 429957   LEICA M 50/2.8 ELMR/COL BLK EX  749.99 
 429950   LEICA M 50F1.4V1 CHR ASIS  995.00 
 381876   Leica M 90/2 Chr v2 ’58 CLA Ex  679.99 
 428401   Leica M 90/2.5 S’rit Cp/Bx Mint  899.99 
 424896   Leica M 90/4 Elmar SM CLA Ex-  139.99 
 265798   Leica M E60 UV/IR Blk Exc+  179.99 
 364640   Leica M Grip M8 #14487 E+  69.99 
 265797   Leica M SerVII UV/IR Blk Exc+  159.99 
 412026   Leica M/Nov R>M Adapter Mint  129.99 
 429955   LEICA M/VOI 12/5.6ASP/FINDERE+  399.99 
 429856   LEICA M/VOI 15/4.5 LTM BLK E-  249.99 
 429954   LEICA M/VOI 75/2.5MC BLK,HD EX  249.99 
 429830   LEICA M/ZEI 35/2.8 ZM CHR E+  599.99 
 385983   Leica M/Zei 50/1.5 ZM Hd Exc+  699.99 
 429519   Leica M10-P Blk Bt/Ch/Bx LN  6,495.00 
 429858   LEICA M240 BLK 24MP BT/CH EX  2,499.99 
 429875   LEICA M240 BLK CHG,BATT EX  2,499.99 
 423263   Leica M240 Chr Bt/Ch Ex  2,499.99 
 426838   Leica M246 Monochrom Blk Ex+  4,499.99 
 429876   LEICA M3 CHR SS 1129XX EX  1,199.99 
 429854   LEICA M3 DS CHR CLA 895 ’57 E+  999.99 
 429879   LEICA M4-2 BLK E+  1,295.00 
 417697   Leica M6 (GMP) handgrip blk  75.00 
 429833   LEICA M6 HANDGRIP  119.99 
 417698   Leica M6 Handgrip  129.99 
 422523   Leica M8 Blk 12k Snsr OK Exc-  999.99 
 393416   Leica M9 1.5k Blk NwSnsr Exc  2,499.99 
 403959   Leica M9 21k Blk SnsrOK Ex-  1,749.99 
 429520   Leica M9 Gray <1k New CCD Mnt  2,495.00 
 429878   LEICA MR-4 METER BLK E+  199.99 
 412347   Leica Q blk bx,batt,chg Ex  2,799.99 
 420639   Leica QP kit,batt,chg E+  3,495.00 
 429996   LEICA R 1.4X APO EXTENDER,CS  499.99 
 429972   LEICA R 100/2.8 MACRO APO E+  1,499.99 
 430004   LEICA R 16MMF2.8 R 3CAM E-  399.99 
 410084   Leica R 180/3.4 APO 3cm CLA AI  449.99 
 417661   Leica R 180/3.4 Apo Ex  599.99 
 429965   LEICA R 21/4 3 CAM,HD EX  499.99 
 429946   LEICA R 21-35/3.5-4 ROM,BX E+  1,895.00 
 430002   LEICA R 24F2.8 3CAM,HOOD EX  399.99 
 429966   LEICA R 28/2.8PC ANGULON/CS E+  1,499.99 
 429948   LEICA R 28-70/3.5-4.5ROM,BX E+  499.99 
 429967   LEICA R 28-90/2.8-4.5 RARE E+  2,499.99 
 430003   LEICA R 2X APO EXTENDER EX  449.99 
 417848   Leica R 2x Extender Ex+  99.99 
 410081   Leica R 35/2 2cm CLA LtHz Bgn  449.99 
 408737   Leica R 35/2.8 1cam AsIs  169.99 
 408738   Leica R 35/2.8 3cam AsIs  199.99 
 429969   LEICA R 35/4 PA CURTAGON EX  399.99 
 307745   Leica R 35-70/4.0 ROM Cps Exc+  999.99 
 417664   Leica R 50/1.4 Summilux Ex  799.99 
 430001   LEICA R 500/8 MIRROR E+  499.99 
 410083   Leica R 60/2.8 Mac 2cm CLA Bg  329.99 
 348934   LEICA R 75-200/4.5 VARIO EX  249.99 
 429947   LEICA R 80-200/4.0 ROM BX,E+  1,195.00 
 410085   Leica R 90/2.0 3cm CLA Exc-  579.99 
 429971   LEICA R 90/2.8 ELM 3CAM E+  349.99 
 865845   Leica R Ext Tube 3-CAM W/BX E+  79.99 
 418627   Leica R to telescope 12.5mm  99.99 
 429968   LEICA R6.2 BLK BODY EX  599.99 
 429998   LEICA R9+DIGITALMODULE R EX  1,995.00 
 429924   LEICA SL BODY BAT CHG MINT  2,695.00 
 429928   LEICA T18-56(CL)HD E+  1,195.00 
 307746   Leica/Bogner X2 Case Blk Exc+  79.99 
 429956   LEICA/ZEI 50/1.5 ZM HD E+  699.99 

TBT 12/10/19 – Leica M3 “Lucky 7” & Snap Balls

Front view of Leica M3

This week’s feature is a very early Leica M3, serial #777xxx, 6th German production batch, 2nd year of production: 1955. The “xxx” designation is a throwback to the days of magazine ads and mimeographed collectors’ newsletters. Leaving off the last 3 digits supposedly prevented the felonious from claiming your Leica was theirs—“that’s MY serial number!” In the world of internet and digital product photography, doesn’t hold much water. But old habits die hard.

When this lovely M3 came back from service, young Jeremy’s eyes widened and he started playing with it. “The film door is sticking, is it bent?” Didn’t make sense it would come back from our uber-talented Mystery Tech with a bent door, so I put on my obsessive-compulsive otaku goggles and examined the patient. Turns out there were two tiny little spring-loaded ball bearings, one each at the bottom outer edge of the door, that fit into two tiny recesses in the body. The door snapped shut, so gravity wouldn’t flip it open if you held the body lens mount up with the bottom plate removed. 
I’d never seen them before, and I’ve seen lotsa M3s, but also didn’t understand why they were necessary. Kinda cool/elegant, but the door flapping open when you’re loading film didn’t seem like a problem. And definitely not present on later bodies. Hmmmm…..
Leica Rep Rob visited soon after, and pulled out Volume 1 of Herr Doktor Professor James Lager’s 3-volume tome, and started flipping pages. “Oh, look, here they are—-‘Snap Balls.'” Early production runs only, soon dropped. Soon after Herr Doktor Professor Lager himself visited, to make 4×6 prints of birds, and he said: “Ah, yes, the Snap Balls.” Confirmed they were definitely a thing.

Back view of Leica M3

After we exchanged some totally immature, ribald banter about other uses for the phrase “Snap Balls,” as Rude Boys will do, Jim mentioned that those early M3s were marvels of construction. Techs would be elbow-deep in parts during an overhaul, and find some nook/cranny, deep in the bowels, perfectly polished. For no good engineering reason. Leica was proud of their work, and it showed. Like the Snap Balls, an elegant but time-intensive thing that was, as far as the photographic tool was concerned, unnecessary. 
Many of these niceties fell away as the ’50s progressed into the ’60s. More than 220,000 M3 bodies were produced from 1954-1966. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. Then less than 100k M2s (’58-’67), less than 60k M4s (’67-’75), and less than 30k M5s (’71-’75), which is when Leica Germany decided to kill the M series. As baroque German design lost ground to ruthless Japanese efficiency, those elegant touches necessarily fell away.

Techs also said that M3 overhauls involved lots of hand-filing and custom fitting of replacement parts. The brass drive gears gave the M3 smoothness, but couldn’t handle a motor winder, and wore faster than steel. The steel gears in later bodies were “better,” but those bodies were never as silky smooth as an M3. But they didn’t need service as often, and were quicker to overhaul.

You gain some, you lose some. I love how an M3 feels, and what it represents. I’m grateful I can slap a motor winder on an M6 or M7. I’m amazed one of the best digital cameras I’ve handled is an M10P. A lineage just a little bit older than me.

Our featured M3, with the Snap Balls, was paired with a collapsible 50mm Summicron, and has already found a new home. It was smooth, snappy and lovely, and sold for a ridiculously reasonably $1299.99. I’m sorry to say I neglected to photograph the Snap Balls, but you can get Volume 1 of Lager’s Leica: An Illustrated History  for only $225 and see them there. 

Leica MD-2 — Throwback Thursday

Leica MD-2 — Throwback Thursday

Post by Paul Brodek our Used Equipment buyer

Leica MD-2 camera front view

We’ve talked about all the benefits of classic M-series Leica rangefinder cameras, with direct, real-time viewing, no finder blackout and very accurate focusing being the most important. So why are we profiling the Leica MD-2, an M-series Leica with no viewfinder/rangefinder whatsoever? Well, one reason if we’ve just recently profiled the M5, which is the only other M-series film body in the showcase at the moment. But another reason is the MD-2 can be a very useful tool for street shooting with ultrawide lenses.

Leica MD-2 Back view

First, some background. The MD-2 is the third in a series of finderless M-series bodies, with the MD-2 based on the M4-2 chassis. It has the angled wind lever, angled rewind crank (instead of the M3 rewind knob), rectangular rewind lever, hinged back to aid film loading, film reminder scale on the back, etc. The MD series was originally designed primarily for scientific/copy work, with earlier versions available with a slotted baseplate to allow insertion of date/subject data to be recorded on the film, alongside the subject. These cameras are also easily adaptable to macro and long tele use with the Visoflex external reflex finder. 

Leica MD-2 Top view and Photo Gnome

So it made sense to have a “rangefinder” body with no viewfinder/rangefinder for these specialized uses, where external viewfinders eliminate the need for an in-body finder. But it’s also fairly easy to make the argument that SLRs are far superior tools for all these uses, since through-the-lens reflex viewing eliminates the need for external finders. Other than it be a cool, collectible object, why bother with one today.
How ’bout street shooting, where you might want to use a 12mm, 15mm, 18mm or 21mm ultra-wide lens, and shoot from the hip? You’re using hyperfocal focus settings and the ultrawide’s deep depth of field, so you’re not needing to focus. And you have a pretty good idea in your brain what the lens is taking in. You could also attach your ultrawide finder to the top of the camera to briefly check coverage and composition before snicking that very, very quiet shutter. No mirror flopping up and down, so fancy camera-looking device attracting attention. 
You could put a modern shoe-mount meter in the shoe if you don’t trust your sunny-16 chops, or even a vintage MR/MR-4 meter if you want to stay vintage.

Leica MD-2 camera, lens, lens hood and viewfinder

Our MD-2 body just came back from service, is in Exc+ condition, and is available for the low-low price of $599.99. We’re showing it with the outstanding Leica 16-18-21mm Wide-Angle Tri-Elmar, also known as the Leica WATE, and it’s multifocal finder, also known as the Frankenfinder. Available as a set for $3,499.99, the WATE is a phenomenal multifocal ultrawide that is not a zoom, no in-between settings usable. In addition to being incredibly sharp and contrasty on film, it excels with digital imaging, including/especially with those thick sensor stack, high pixel-count cameras that usually do very poorly with film-era ultrawides.

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