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Knowledgeable and trusted Leica retailers since 1982 and a Leica Boutique since 2013, we are your source for all Leica cameras, lenses, binoculars, and accessories. We are located at Bergen County Camera, 270 Westwood Ave, Westwood, New Jersey. We are open Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm, Thursday evenings until 9 pm and Saturday from 9 am – 6pm.

Featuring three Bergen County Camera staff members who are graduates of the prestigious Leica Akademie in Solms, Germany.

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Updated Used Leica Equipment for Sale – March 29th 2020

Current Updates:

We have moved to online operations temporarily for safety. We will remain online until it is safe to meet in person again. We’re available for questions, guidance and assistance at ‪(201) 473-2050‬ (voice and text) and customerservice@bergencountycamera.com.  We’ll be answering calls and returning emails between 10am – 6pm Monday through Saturday. We’re offering free shipping on equipment orders over $99 (excluding oversize items). 

Here’s a list of our current used Leica equipment for sale. Our current used inventory is always available on Bergen County Camera’s used equipment page. If you would like to receive our full list weekly you can sign up here. If you are looking for something, just let us know, and we’ll let you know when we find it for you. We can be reached at 201-473-2050. As a full Leica Boutique we have great resources to help with anything Leica. 


Updated March 29th 2020

 412999   Leica 10-15×50 Duovid case E+  1,199.99 
 429958   LEICA 18/2.8 ELMARIT TL E+  899.99 
 429953   LEICA 21/24/28 VF BLK,CS MINT  250.00 
 429927   LEICA CL BODY,BX,BAT,CHG MINT  1,995.00 
 402170   Leica D-Lux 4 Safari LE LNIB  499.99 
 429997   LEICA DLUX T109,BX,BAT,CHG EX  699.99 
 399368   Leica EVF1 f/D-Lux 5/6 Exc+  149.99 
 417767   Leica EVF-2 X1/X2 M240/m246 E+  299.99 
 417655   Leica M 16-18-21 WATE +Fndr E+  3,495.00 
 429926   LEICA M 16-18-21/4 HD E+  3,495.00 
 429945   LEICA M 24/3.8 ASPH BX,HD MINT  1,795.00 
 429925   LEICA M 28-35-50(E55) E+  2,995.00 
 429922   Leica M 35/1.4 Asph FLE Bx Ex+  4,995.00 
 412140   Leica M 35/2 Bugeye Hazy AsIs  1,749.99 
 429974   LEICA M 352.8/BUG EYES EX  699.99 
 427181   Leica M 50/2.5 S’rit Blk Exc+  849.99 
 392260   Leica M 50/2.5 S’rit Blk Mint  999.99 
 429957   LEICA M 50/2.8 ELMR/COL BLK EX  749.99 
 429950   LEICA M 50F1.4V1 CHR ASIS  995.00 
 381876   Leica M 90/2 Chr v2 ’58 CLA Ex  679.99 
 428401   Leica M 90/2.5 S’rit Cp/Bx Mint  899.99 
 424896   Leica M 90/4 Elmar SM CLA Ex-  139.99 
 265798   Leica M E60 UV/IR Blk Exc+  179.99 
 364640   Leica M Grip M8 #14487 E+  69.99 
 265797   Leica M SerVII UV/IR Blk Exc+  159.99 
 412026   Leica M/Nov R>M Adapter Mint  129.99 
 429955   LEICA M/VOI 12/5.6ASP/FINDERE+  399.99 
 429856   LEICA M/VOI 15/4.5 LTM BLK E-  249.99 
 429954   LEICA M/VOI 75/2.5MC BLK,HD EX  249.99 
 429830   LEICA M/ZEI 35/2.8 ZM CHR E+  599.99 
 385983   Leica M/Zei 50/1.5 ZM Hd Exc+  699.99 
 429519   Leica M10-P Blk Bt/Ch/Bx LN  6,495.00 
 429858   LEICA M240 BLK 24MP BT/CH EX  2,499.99 
 429875   LEICA M240 BLK CHG,BATT EX  2,499.99 
 423263   Leica M240 Chr Bt/Ch Ex  2,499.99 
 426838   Leica M246 Monochrom Blk Ex+  4,499.99 
 429876   LEICA M3 CHR SS 1129XX EX  1,199.99 
 429854   LEICA M3 DS CHR CLA 895 ’57 E+  999.99 
 429879   LEICA M4-2 BLK E+  1,295.00 
 417697   Leica M6 (GMP) handgrip blk  75.00 
 429833   LEICA M6 HANDGRIP  119.99 
 417698   Leica M6 Handgrip  129.99 
 422523   Leica M8 Blk 12k Snsr OK Exc-  999.99 
 393416   Leica M9 1.5k Blk NwSnsr Exc  2,499.99 
 403959   Leica M9 21k Blk SnsrOK Ex-  1,749.99 
 429520   Leica M9 Gray <1k New CCD Mnt  2,495.00 
 429878   LEICA MR-4 METER BLK E+  199.99 
 412347   Leica Q blk bx,batt,chg Ex  2,799.99 
 420639   Leica QP kit,batt,chg E+  3,495.00 
 429996   LEICA R 1.4X APO EXTENDER,CS  499.99 
 429972   LEICA R 100/2.8 MACRO APO E+  1,499.99 
 430004   LEICA R 16MMF2.8 R 3CAM E-  399.99 
 410084   Leica R 180/3.4 APO 3cm CLA AI  449.99 
 417661   Leica R 180/3.4 Apo Ex  599.99 
 429965   LEICA R 21/4 3 CAM,HD EX  499.99 
 429946   LEICA R 21-35/3.5-4 ROM,BX E+  1,895.00 
 430002   LEICA R 24F2.8 3CAM,HOOD EX  399.99 
 429966   LEICA R 28/2.8PC ANGULON/CS E+  1,499.99 
 429948   LEICA R 28-70/3.5-4.5ROM,BX E+  499.99 
 429967   LEICA R 28-90/2.8-4.5 RARE E+  2,499.99 
 430003   LEICA R 2X APO EXTENDER EX  449.99 
 417848   Leica R 2x Extender Ex+  99.99 
 410081   Leica R 35/2 2cm CLA LtHz Bgn  449.99 
 408737   Leica R 35/2.8 1cam AsIs  169.99 
 408738   Leica R 35/2.8 3cam AsIs  199.99 
 429969   LEICA R 35/4 PA CURTAGON EX  399.99 
 307745   Leica R 35-70/4.0 ROM Cps Exc+  999.99 
 417664   Leica R 50/1.4 Summilux Ex  799.99 
 430001   LEICA R 500/8 MIRROR E+  499.99 
 410083   Leica R 60/2.8 Mac 2cm CLA Bg  329.99 
 348934   LEICA R 75-200/4.5 VARIO EX  249.99 
 429947   LEICA R 80-200/4.0 ROM BX,E+  1,195.00 
 410085   Leica R 90/2.0 3cm CLA Exc-  579.99 
 429971   LEICA R 90/2.8 ELM 3CAM E+  349.99 
 865845   Leica R Ext Tube 3-CAM W/BX E+  79.99 
 418627   Leica R to telescope 12.5mm  99.99 
 429968   LEICA R6.2 BLK BODY EX  599.99 
 429998   LEICA R9+DIGITALMODULE R EX  1,995.00 
 429924   LEICA SL BODY BAT CHG MINT  2,695.00 
 429928   LEICA T18-56(CL)HD E+  1,195.00 
 307746   Leica/Bogner X2 Case Blk Exc+  79.99 
 429956   LEICA/ZEI 50/1.5 ZM HD E+  699.99 

M10 Monochrom “Leitz Wetzlar” and Summilux-M 35

High standards for one and a half centuries

Experience the soul of photography

In celebration and honor of Ernst Leitz and his innovative management and branding of Leitz 150 years ago, we announce a limited production series of the M10 Monochrom camera and Summilux-M 35 lens.

To learn more or to reserve yours, email or call us at 201-664-4113

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Leica M10 Monochrom

Discover more in black and white

To learn more or to reserve a new Monochrom email or call us at 201-664-4113.

Leica Camera just announced the long-awaited third generation of its innovative black and white digital rangefinder cameras, the Leica M10 Monochrom. Based on the Leica M10-P platform, the M10 Monochrom brings a new level of resolution and performance to the M-System as well as black and white photography as a whole.

The Leica M10 Monochrom touts a brand new 40 megapixel full frame monochrome sensor that achieves new heights in sharpness, detail and resolution while also opening up newfound versatility with a lower base ISO of 160 and a higher maximum ISO of 100,000. With these new levels of performance, the M10 Monochrom is even more capable than its predecessors in any lighting scenarios while maintaining the film-like grain and beautiful contrast and sharpness it is known for, thanks to the removal of the color filter array from the sensor. The M10 Monochrom is the ideal camera for the most passionate and dedicated black and white photographers.

Features at a glance:
– New 40mp full frame black and white sensor
– ISO range of 160 – 100,000
– Silent mechanical shutter, touchscreen, thinner body design and ISO dial of M10-P platform
– Leica FOTOS connectivity; first Monochrom to feature Wi-Fi
– Monochromatic design aesthetic; white and gray engravings on the body, blacked-out shutter button and lens release button

The newly developed 40 megapixel sensor has been built from the ground up with the M10 Monochrom in mind, achieving new more versatile ISO
performance. The removal of the color filter array ensures each pixel receives more light and no interpolation is needed, ensuring the highest quality black and white captures.