Thinking of upgrading your Leica M9 to the new Leica M240?

Image Copyright Jeremy Lebled

Have you been contemplating upgrading your Leica M9 to the new Leica M240? Here are a few reasons why you should! Coming from a big Leica M user like myself. I was contemplating whether or not it was worth upgrading. So I took it upon myself to take the New Leica M240 for a test drive on a recent shoot.  At first I was skeptical, but once I started shooting with it. It completely rocked my world.

The first thing that I noticed is the color is absolutely beautiful. The Leica M9 was pretty vibrant but the M240 takes it up quiet a few notches. Secondly, the major difference between the M9 and the M240 is the ISO capability.  The M9 could only go up to 2500 ISO.  You would start to see grain past 800 ISO. It made it look like old Tri-X Film pushed a stop or two. The new M240 can go all the way up to 6400 ISO.  The Image above that I took was at 4,000 ISO, which absolutely blew me away. It is more than adequate .  Just goes to show how much of a improvement Leica has made.

Lastly, the focus peaking option on the new M240. If your eye sight is not the greatest. Or you would like to achieve ultimate pin point focus on someone’s eyes for a portrait. The new feature used with either the live view function or  the (optional) electronic viewfinder. Which in my opinion is a must have. It makes focusing so much easier.  Basically how it works is there is a automatic highlighting of the image contours in the color red which provide a easier use of controlling the focus accuracy.

To learn more about the camera and to see how it feels in your hands, feel free to stop the store anytime. Myself and the rest of our staff would be more than happy to show you the camera.