Leica R-Adapter L for the SL System



Leica Camera is pleased to introduce the Leica R-Adapter L, an adapter which enables the use of 43 different R-lenses with the SL camera. This wide range of legacy Leica lenses that are now compatible with the Leica SL date back to 1976, and are once again usable with a modern Leica thanks to this new adapter. With this adapter mounted on the SL camera, the adapted R-lens maintains its original focal length. For instance, a 35 mm R-lens remains a 35 mm on the SL.

The Leica R-Adapter L cannot read the selected aperture set on the lens. Instead, the camera uses the same technology to estimate the aperture as with M-lenses mounted via an adapter. This adapter is only compatible with the Leica SL camera. Leica single-lens reflex lenses manufactured before
1976 should not be mounted to the R-Adapter L, as this can cause damage to the mount. The Leica R-Adapter L is available for sale from July 21, 2016.

New lens adapter for the SL-System
Cat. # Description UPC SP
16076 Leica R-Adapter L 799429160760 $750.00

List of Compatible Leica R Lenses
▸ Super-Elmarit-R 15 mm f/2.8ASPH.
▸ Super-Elmar-R 15 mm f/3.5
▸ Fisheye-Elmarit-R 16 mm f/2.8
▸ Elmarit-R 19 mm f/2.8
▸ Super-Angulon-R 21mmf/4
▸ Elmarit-R 24 mm f/2.8
▸ Elmarit-R 28 mm f/2.8
▸ Elmarit-R 35 mm f/2.8
▸ Summicron-R 35 mm f/2
▸ Summilux-R 35 mm f/1.4
▸ Summicron-R 50 mm f/2
▸ Summilux-R 50 mm f/1.4
▸ Macro-Elmarit-R 60 mm f/2.8
▸ Summilux-R 80 mm f/1.4
▸ Elmarit-R 90 mm f/2.8
▸ APO-Summicron-R 90 mm f/2ASPH.
▸ Macro-Elmar-R 100 mm f/4
▸ APO-Macro-Elmarit-R 100 mm f/2.8
▸ Elmarit-R 135 mm f/2.8
▸ Elmar-R 180 mm f/4
▸ APO-Telyt-R 180 mm f/3.4
▸ Elmarit-R 180 mm f/2.8
▸ APO-Elmarit-R 180 mm f/2.8
▸ APO-Summicron-R 180 mm f/2
▸ Telyt-R 250 mm f/4
▸ APO-Telyt-R 280 mm f/4
▸ Telyt-R 350 mm f/4.8
▸ APO-Telyt-R 280 mmf /2.8
▸ APO-Telyt-R 400 mm f/2.8
▸ APO-Telyt-R 280 mm f/2.8 (Module System)
▸ APO-Telyt-R 400 mm f/2.8 (Module System)
▸ APO-Telyt-R 400 mm f/4 (Module System)
▸ APO-Telyt-R 560 mm f/4 (Module System)
▸ APO-Telyt-R 560 mm f/5.6 (Module System)
▸ APO-Telyt-R 800 mm f/5.6 (Module System)
▸ Vario-Elmar-R 21–35 mm f/3.5–4 ASPH.
▸ Vario-Elmar-R 28–70 mm f/3.5–4.5
▸ Vario-Elmarit-R 28–90 mm f/2.8–4.5 ASPH.
▸ Vario-Elmar-R 35–70 mm f/4
▸ Vario-Elmarit-R 35–70 mm f/2.8ASPH.
▸ Vario-APO-Elmarit-R 70–180 mm f/2.8
▸ Vario-Elmar-R 80–200 mm f /4
▸ Vario-Elmar-R 105–280 mm f/4.2
In total, 43 R-Lenses are supported by the Leica R-Adapter L.
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Leica R-Adapter L
New lens adapter for the SL-System