New in Store: Leica X Vario


What a great surprise to see on Leica’s website that we would have a new addition to the line to be available immediately! Let me assure you, even though I have only had a limited amount of time play with the new X Vario it is one terrific camera! Taking some of the best elements from the menu of the Leica M240, like the intuitive menu system as well as sharing the new EVF-2 electronic viewfinder, the  X Vario is really a compact M with an amazingly sharp  28-70 f3.5-5.6 lens. The camera is truly a unique blending of German manufacturing; featuring a large APS-C sensor, great optics and available ISO settings from 100 to 12500. The X Vario also offers HD video (1920×1080@30fps) and which can be automatically compressed to MP4 for fast uploading to your favorite social media sites. Review your video and still  images on a crisp bright 3” LCD screen with 920,000 pixel resolution.

The X Vario is  really the perfect companion camera to your film or digital M as it features large manual focusing and zooming on the lens. With the optional EVF-2 electronic viewfinder and a magnified center point for critical manual focusing the camera becomes a full blown SLR camera.  Please come visit our brand new Leica boutique in Westwood to get a demo of the wonderful new X Vario as well as the new M, Monochrome,  D-LUX 6 and V-LUX 4. The X Vario is currently available and in stock in store and online.

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