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We are open Monday – Saturday 10 am-5 pm and Thursday evenings until 8 pm, and are always open on the web. Please call us with any questions!

Knowledgeable and trusted Leica retailers since 1982 and a Leica Boutique since 2013, we are your source for all Leica cameras, lenses, binoculars, and accessories. We are located at Bergen County Camera, 270 Westwood Ave, Westwood, New Jersey.

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To reach us via email customerservice@bergencountycamera.com

Featuring three Bergen County Camera staff members who are graduates of the prestigious Leica Akademie in Solms, Germany.

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Leica Cine 1 Event

Leica Cine 1 Event

In-Store demonstration Thursday, November 16 from 7 – 9 pm

Join Bergen County Camera for a chance to see the Leica Cine 1 in action. This all-in-one entertainment system is designed to deliver an authentic home cinema experience, all while maintaining that famous Leica quality. Available with both 100″ and 120″ screens, this system gives motion pictures the big screen treatment they deserve.

On Thursday, November 16, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, the Cine 1 will be on display with the 120″ screen. Leica Rep Jim Wagner will also be available to answer all your questions.

Wine and cheese will be served at this event.

Leica Monochrom

A unique opportunity to own a very rare camera and lens combination from Leica Boutique BergenCounty! 

Shortly after the groundbreaking  M10 Monochrome was introduced, Leica made a limited run of just 650 copies the “Leitz Wetzlar” edition of the camera, created in honor of Ernst Leitz’s 150th anniversary. It’s distinguished with a special top plate engraved in the classic script/print style of vintage Leica cameras: “Leitz Wetzlar, Made in Germany”, Catalog #20061. 

Since the Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH “Leitz Wetzlar” limited-edition version of the lens was not offered at the same time window as the limited edition camera and only 500 copies of the lens were made, this pairing is especially rare!  

The lens features a specialized engraving on the front of the lens along with an overall monochrome design aesthetic, with gray and white-filled engravings, to elegantly match the M10M camera aesthetic. Catalog #11700 is technically identical to the FLE version of this lens, Catalog #11663

The Leica M10 Monochrome stands for exceptional quality and reliability. Employing Leica’s bespoke 40MP b+w sensor produces digital monochrome imagery with unrivaled sharpness, detail and resolution, even in the most challenging and diverse light conditions. While possessing an exceptionally broad sensitivity range from ISO 160 to ISO 100,000, images display resplendent detail and the finest grain. The enormous sensitivity spectrum allows for capturing the broadest dynamic range. It renders deep detailed blacks in shadows areas and defined, crisp whites in bright highlights, particularly effective when shooting in uneven, high-contrast light. Unobtrusive and elegant for low-profile shooting, The M10 Monochrom lives in a discreet looking, pared back body. The strict omission of any color-inlaid engravings further emphasizes the camera’s monochrome character. The camera’s almost inaudible shutter allows for the most discreet and sublime photography, drawing no attention to the photographer and the key to the silent capture of intimacy

 The Leica 35mm f/1.4 Summilux M ASPH II is characterized by exceptionally brilliant contrast, superb resolution and detail rendition, and virtually coma-free images. The complex optical design—which includes an aspherical lens surface—produces an image quality that’s unsurpassed in compact 35mm lenses, even at full aperture.

This iteration of the 35 Summilux features a floating lens element [FLE ] design, meaning that lenses behind the aperture blades are constructed as a floating group, that changing position relative to the front lens group while focusing achieving optimal performance at in the close focusing range. The new full-metal, rectangular, screw-mount lens hood contributes significantly to this lens’s compact dimensions. Like all modern Leica M lenses, it has “6-bit” coding, allowing digital M cameras to “know” read which lens is in use and then apply optimal  “final-stage” software-based  corrections that further enhance state of the art optical performance. 

This unregistered body and lens set with full factory warranty is offered at $13,995 . The body is in excellent+ condition, the lens is mint. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to learn more. 201-664-4113

Updated Used Leica Equipment for Sale – October 14th 2023

Current Updates:

We’re available for questions, guidance and assistance in person Monday – Saturday from 10 am – 5 pm (and Thursdays until 7pm), by phone at ‪(201) 664-4113‬ and customerservice@bergencountycamera.com.  

Here’s a list of our current used Leica equipment for sale. Our current used inventory is always available on Bergen County Camera’s used equipment page. If you would like to receive our full list weekly you can sign up here. If you are looking for something, just let us know, and we’ll let you know when we find it for you. We can be reached at 201-664-4113. As a full Leica Boutique we have great resources to help with anything Leica. 

DSC01745Updated October 14th 2023

 436216   LEICA 10X42 TRINOVID/HD/CS/STR  799.99 
 441230   LEICA CL (24MP)BLK BT/CH/CS/E+  1,599.99 
 399368   Leica EVF1 f/D-Lux 5/6 Exc+  149.99 
 440978   LEICA HG-SCL4 GRIP/SL/BX/MINT  349.99 
 443987   LEICA L 24-90/2.8-4ASP/HOOD/E+  2,899.99 
 433943   LEICA L/PANA 24-70/2.8S LNIB  2,099.99 
 441358   LEICA L/SIGMA 135/1.8/BX/MINT  799.99 
 443986   LEICA L/SIGMA 24/2.0DG/DN/E+  449.99 
 443806   LEICA L90-280APO/VARIO/BX/E+  4,999.99 
 437016   LEICA M 16/18/21 TRI/ELM 6BIT  3,899.99 
 440037   LEICA M 16/18/21 TRI/ELM/6BIT  3,699.99 
 444088   LEICA M 24/2.8 ELMARIT/E+  1,799.99 
 436747   LEICA M 28/2.8ASPH(410XX)MINT  1,899.99 
 444084   LEICA M 28/35/50 (E49)BX/HD/E+  3,999.99 
 440038   LEICA M 28-35-50(E49)HOOD E+  3,499.99 
 443044   LEICA M 35/1.4ASP(CHR)#11883  3,999.99 
 443399   LEICA M 35/1.4FLE/ASP/HD/EX  3,999.99 
 441884   LEICA M 35/2.0/ASP/CHR/GERMAN  2,899.99 
 438575   LEICA M 35/2.0/ASP/CHR/GERMAN  2,899.99 
 443912   LEICA M 35/2.0ASP/HD/CS/E+  1,899.99 
 442855   LEICA M 35/2.0ASPH(11879)HD/E+  2,499.99 
 443682   LEICA M 35/2.8SUMARON/CHR/EX  1,399.99 
 442623   LEICA M 50/0.95/BX/AC/MINT  7,999.99 
 441916   LEICA M 50/1.4ASP.BLK/CHR RARE  3,999.99 
 444118   LEICA M 50/1.4CHR(11892)DEMO  3,499.99 
 444086   LEICA M 50/2.0 BLK(11819)E+  1,799.99 
 441402   LEICA M 50/2.0 BLK/(11819)E+  1,799.99 
 444087   LEICA M 50/2.0 SILVER/E+  1,899.99 
 443684   LEICA M 50/2.0V4/6BIT/EX  1,599.99 
 443681   LEICA M 50F2/BLK(11826)E+  1,899.99 
 443045   LEICA M 75/2.0APO/ASP/BX/MINT  3,799.99 
 443484   LEICA M 90/4.0 COLLAPSABLE/EX  169.99 
 436026   LEICA M 90F2 APO/ASPH/6BIT MNT  3,499.99 
 430474   LEICA M 90F2 APO/ASPH/6BIT MNT  3,799.99 
 364640   Leica M Grip M8 #14487 E+  69.99 
 443998   LEICA M TO L ADAPTER(18771)E+  349.99 
 444089   LEICA M/VOIGHT 35/1.4II/EX  349.99 
 435170   LEICA M/VOIGHT/50/1.5 SILVER E  429.99 
 436168   LEICA M/VOIGHT/90/3.5APO/CHR  399.99 
 438240   LEICA M10 BLK/BT/CH/BX/E  4,299.99 
 442829   LEICA M10 MONOCHROME LNIB  6,499.99 
 441790   LEICA M10/BLK/BX/BT/CHG E+  4,499.99 
 438573   LEICA M10CHROME/BT/CH/ACC/E+  4,599.99 
 443748   LEICA M10R/BLK/BX/BT/CHG/MINT  6,499.99 
 443481   LEICA M2 CHROME 113XXX EX  1,499.99 
 439873   LEICA M262(24MP)BT/CH/BX MINT  2,999.99 
 437443   LEICA M4 BLK ENAMEL  9,999.99 
 442626   LEICA M4/50YR/BLK/CLA E+  3,999.99 
 442857   LEICA MP(0.72)SILVER MINT  4,999.99 
 443815   LEICA Q(24MP)BX/CG/BAT/ACC/E+  2,499.99 
 444117   LEICA Q2 (47MP)BT/CG/BX/EX  3,999.99 
 444033   LEICA Q2(47MP)BT/CHG/STRP/LNIB  4,495.00 
 443453   LEICA Q2(47MP)BX/BT/CH/STRP/E+  4,395.00 
 417848   Leica R 2x Extender Ex+  99.99 
 435191   LEICA R 70-210/4 VARIO EX-  249.99 
 432937   LEICA R 80-200/4.0 ROM E+  999.99 
 430607   LEICA S007 BODY,BOX,ACC LNIB  7,999.95 
 435158   LEICA SL 75/2.0 APO/LNIB  4,999.99 
 415228   LEICA SL T601(24MP)BT/CH/STRP  1,899.99 
 443997   LEICA SL2(47MP)BT/CH/STRAP E+  3,999.99 
 437082   LEICA SL2/RRS/MOUNTING PLATE  99.99 
 435726   LEICA T 60/2.8 MACRO/BX/HD/MIN  2,499.99 
 436894   LEICA TL 11-23/3.5-4.5/LNIB  1,799.99 
 438768   LEICA TL 18-56/3.5-5.6ASP/MINT  1,099.99 
 441229   LEICA TL 23/2.0 BLK MINT  1,299.99 
 435725   LEICA TL 23/2.0 MINT  1,299.99 
 443280   LEICA TL/18-56/3.5-5.6/BX E+  999.99 
 433843   LEICA TL/23/2.0 SUMMICRON/LN  1,799.99 
 442830   LEICA VISOFLEX (T020)M10 MINT  399.99 
 441989   LEICA VISOFLEX/M10/GPS/BX E+  499.99 
 442033   LEICA VISOFLEX/M10/GPS/CASE/E+  399.99 
 443690   LEICA VLUX 30(14MP)BX/BT/CH/E+  249.99 
 440776   LEICAL/SIGMA 150-600/SPT.LNIB  1,199.99 
 443041   LEICAM240(240)BLK/BX/BT/CH/E+  2,699.99